This site was developed and authored by me – Autumm Caines, to house some interactive elements for a workshop that I am delivering around Ethical EdTech for the 2020 Digital Pedagogy Lab. Due to COVID-19 the Lab is completely online and I needed to convert some of the materials to an online format. It is a subdomain of digciz.org as I needed to put it somewhere and I own digciz.org. It seemed like a good fit as I view ethical approaches to educational technology as a facet of digital citizenship.

Very little of this site is original content.

I’ve used Creative Commons licensing for the drag and drop exercise and Fair Use for the analyzer. All imagery is from Unsplash or Pixabay. I used H5p to develop the interactive elements.

Of what is “original” on this site could not have been possible without some folks helping me with various things including testing, coding help, talking through the premise of the site, and moral support.

Carla Vecchiola, Chris Gilliard, George Station, Jeannie Crowley, Laura Gibbs, Maha Bali, Marie Heath, Nathan Schneider, Sukaina Walji, and Taylor Jadin

Thank you!

Image credit

Milada Vigerova on Unsplash