Data, Privacy, and Identity Drag and Drop Cards

Below you will find a drag and drop exercise meant to prompt discussion around data privacy. There is a blue double pointed arrow in the upper right corner to go full screen if the module is small on your device though some may need to scroll in this view.

Drag the grey data point cards up under the orange header with the data use scenario that you feel most comfortable with. Note this exercise is one of self-reflection not technicalities.

Once finished, consider the implications of your choices either in group discussion or in a reflective post for a discussion board or blog post.

Here are some questions if you need help getting started

  • Did any of the cards surprise you?
  • Who did you imagine sharing data with in these contexts? Some of the cards say it (ie. Amazon, Netflix) but for others who were you thinking of as you placed the data points? Did you consider governments as well as companies?
  • If working in a group, were there any notable disagreements about where to place certain cards? If working alone, were there any choices that were difficult to make?
  • Where is your trust put in making these selections? What are the consequences if that trust is broken?
  • Would you change the position of any card if it impacted your usability of that platform? (ie. recommender algorithms often will not function without personal data)

The final big question for this exercise is to consider how your identity influences where you place the cards. Different people, especially those from typically marginalized populations and those who are given greater data responsibilities, may need to make very different selections. Scroll down further to try the Elements of Identity Randomizer and consider if you held any of these elements of identity if you might change the way you sort the cards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an exercise of self-reflection for the purpose of prompting discussion. Talk this through in a group or if working solo write up reflections for a post.

This tool does not save, track, or collect any responses.

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Elements of Identity Randomizer

After having sorted the cards according to your own preference and where you would like to have your data points placed, consider how identity informs the placement.

Use the little randomizer below to spark your imagination. Would you change where you put the cards if your identity had one of these? Imagine other identities that would impact where the cards are placed.

This interactive sorting exercise has been adapted from the Data, Privacy, and Identity card game by Jeannie Crowley, Ed Saber, and Kenny Graves, and is used under a Creative Commons 4.0 CC-BY license.

Image credits:

Markus Spiske on Unsplash 
Grant McCurdy on Unsplash
SplitShire from Pixabay